Adfingo is Veitch Moir’s drone, media and consultancy activity.  In 2007 Adfingo was probably the first fully commercial unmanned aircraft operator in the UK (now called Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems or RPAS and also ‘drones') and was heavily involved in the development of RPAS standards, working with Working Groups 73 and 93 of the European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE), the ICAO Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Panel, The Royal Aeronautical Society and with Working Group F38 of the USA-based organization ASTM.  Adfingo’s core purpose is the delivery of business benefit through innovation and the exploitation of technology, including research, standards development and operations.  Main activities include:

  • Unmanned aircraft operations including aerial photography for a range of applications including precision agriculture, conservation, asset management and environmental monitoring
  • Unmanned systems research, drone standards development and consultancy.
  • Media production (photography, video, web/internet/intranet).

Photography and Video

Adfingo’s photographers have decades of experience and are fully equipped to deliver high quality images and video, specialising in the following areas:

  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Real estate
  • Environment and nature
  • Company reports and corporate profiles
  • Content for web sites
  • Content for travel brochures
  • Near infra red imaging for specialist applications

One of our photographers did a Master of Photography course during which he made a special study on the use of infra red imaging in support of environmental applications.

Adfingo does not normally accept work for weddings, parties and social events nor for large scale advertising.   To discuss your photo and video requirements, please contact 

Stills and Movie Archive

Adfingo has a large archive of stills and movies, in various formats, dating back for more than 60 years, with significant international content.  The archive is manually indexed before 2000 but is computer indexed and searchable from 2000.  Adfingo has the technology to convert film (positive and negative) into digital images.  If you have specific requests for images, please contact  (Please note - the main pre-2000 archive is in a remote location and some time might be required to access it.)

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